Fall Maintenance

Tree and Shrub Insect Control

Fall is a great time to use systemic applications of Tree and Shrub Insect Control.


One application kills insects, and prevents new infestations for an entire year.


No spraying, just mix and pour at the base of the plant. The insecticide is absorbed through the roots to all parts of plants and won't wash off.



Deer Protection

This is the time of year when deer will find their way into your yard and wreak havoc on your trees.


Stay a step ahead and install trunk protectors on any tree that may be preferred by the deer (especially aspens and poplars).



Fall Watering

As the temperatures drop throughout fall, it's very important to keep the ground saturated for your new plants after you stop irrigating your lawn.

If the ground is dry, saturate the root zone thoroughly once a week until the ground freezes for winter. This supplemental water will help prevent winter drought injury.



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