Are you looking for a large amount of bark, landscape rock, compost or soil? We sell these items in bags and bulk to finish your DIY projects.

Landscaping Supplies



We sell landscaping supplies for DIY folks taking on any project, including tools, bagged goods, edging, weed fabric, boulders, and irrigation supplies.


You will find a unique selection of products to enhance your landscape. We carry lawn ornaments, bird houses, trellises, obelisks, lawn furniture, and many other giftware products.

Plant Products

We are a full service nursery carrying soil amendments, fertilizers and pesticides. We  carry many essential garden products as well as organic solutions to keep your plants healthy and happy.




We have a large selection of hardy trees, shrubs, and perennials selected for our climate. We also carry  many annuals and vegetables. Visit our Plant Catalog to find most of the plants we currently carry.

Pottery, Fountains
& Bird Baths



Come in and check out our unique selection of ceramic  pots, fountains, and bird baths to add interest to your porch or patio.

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